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Roundhead Brewing Company strives to be a fair employer, a sustainable business, and good neighbor.

As a fair employer, Roundhead does not pay tipped wage nor accept tips in the taproom; instead, Roundhead pays employees a starting wage of $22.56 per hour. We call this Roundhead’s Fair Wage. To make this wage model work, Roundhead customers pay a 20% Fair Wage Fee on all food and beverage purchased in the taproom. Sometimes, customers want to “tip on top” of the Fair Wage Fee. Instead of accepting cash tips, Roundhead invites customers to make a community donation, instead.

100% of customer donations go to organizations doing work in Hyde Park for these causes: 


Economic inclusion is centered on creating opportunities for all individuals to fully participate in the economic life of their community, regardless of race, gender, or social status. An example of putting dollars to work for economic inclusion: connecting donations with a local job skills training program.

Putting dollars to work for community wellness: Providing space for wellness activities, sponsoring an organization that delivers fitness and/or mental health programs, and supporting the fundraising efforts of local schools.

Work in historic enrichment includes investing to restore historical sites, supporting educational programs that emphasize Hyde Park’s history, beautification, and sponsoring local organizations that showcase local traditions and local arts.

To make a donation request, please click the button below.

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