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Roundhead Brewing Company is a locally owned brewery in Hyde Park.

Great beer is the starting point for our mission: Bringing people together in our neighborhood taproom. Hyde Park is a diverse community, and we could think of no better place for Massachusetts’s first Latino-owned brewery.

We believe in community connections, because that’s what we’re all about. This is also how we started. Luis Espinoza and Craig Panzer met through their kids’ JP Youth soccer games. Soon after, we decided to partner on plans to open a five-barrel brewery and taproom business.

Planning and realizing what it takes to open a brewery, especially in times of COVID, was a challenge, affecting not only our personal lives, but our professional lives as well. We were grateful to receive feedback and support from GOOD PEOPLE, family, and FRIENDS.

Friends are very important. Without them, we would have no one to share our dream.

Our Team

Luis Espinoza

Founder, Co-Owner, Head Brewer

I am a professional chef that began to develop my passion for brewing over ten years ago in Boston. I launched Roundhead Brewing Company in 2017, devoting my time to create the brand and signature recipes for a unique, artisan style of craft beer.

D’Lucio was my family’s bakery in Peru. We had a production center and three locations where we sold our products. Making bread is not that different from brewing beer. When I explained the brewing process to my dad, he told me, “Ahora haces pan liquido.” Now, you make liquid bread.

A family business is a place where you really connect with the community. The best part: Seeing the satisfaction of  customers, and the relationships that we make — it’s like a family bond.

Craig Panzer

Co-owner, COO

Out of college, I went straight to work for a craft brewery. Otter Creek and Wolaver’s Organic Ales. There, new friends taught me about marketing and selling beer across seventeen states. One thing I learned at Otter Creek: I do not want to sell beer across seventeen states.

Enough with shipping water across the country (and world). Beer is 90-95% water, after all. Instead, let’s do it all right here: Source water from the Quabbin, hire from Hyde Park, pay a fair wage, buy from local farmers, and make the best beer possible.

I could not, would not, open a brewery if not for Luis Espinoza. The guy is an amazing chef, caring father, and his love for brewing is contagious.

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Powerhouse at Westinghouse Plaza
Boston, MA 02136 (Hyde Park)
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Wed   4-9pm
Sat    12-10pm
Sun   12-8pm

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